Pilot Nokia Life Tools in India has shown its high attractiveness

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The company Nokia has announced the completion of the pilot phase of its service Nokia Life Tools in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This service, as the company has shown positive results for its subscribers. The company plans to launch this service to all regions of India in the first half of 2009, starting with the use of devices, Nokia 2320 classic and Nokia 2330 classic. Before the end of the year, Nokia plans to expand the list of mobile phones able to "understand" service Nokia Life Tools.

Recall that a service Nokia Life Tools was conceived as a series of mobile educational services, which included the best information on agriculture, specifically for rural areas and populations of small cities in emerging markets. Nokia Life Tools allows farmers and students to overcome the information barrier and ensures their timely and important information. These services use intuitive user interface with a set of related images, with available tables and the ability to display only once in two languages. Important information is delivered text messages, which allows the use of services, when enabled mobile device, without additional configuration and the need for a GPRS coverage.