Skype for the iPhone does not work in the German network of T-Mobile

Friday, April 3, 2009

While Skype-client for the iPhone platform is here and proposed for download, not all owners of Apple phones can use it. But this is not to blame for the manufacturer of vehicles - T-Mobile Germany, the exclusive distributor of iPhone in Germany, prohibits the use of VoIP-applications (including the most famous of them) on your network.

The representative of Deutsche Telecom, Alexander von Shmettou offered this explanation of the ban: «Skype too can download the network operator T-Mobile». The real reason seems to be somewhat different - namely, the loss of the operator considerable share of profits from international calls.

Unfortunately, Skype, it can not do anything. One of the leaders of the company, Robert Miller, only expressed the hope that in the future, consumers should not be restricted in access to networks and services, wherever they are and what they might enjoy.