Sony Ericsson - the financial results of the first quarter of 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

So the time has come to quarterly reporting producer - followed by Nokia of its "success stories" reported the company and Sony Ericsson. As expected, the alliance have nothing to please their shareholders - Operating income fell to 369 million euros, earnings declined by 21%. Only the first three months, Sony Ericsson has a market 14.5 million terminal - for comparison, for the same period of 2008 this figure was 22.3 million, and in Q4 2008 - and did 24.2 million and this has led to reduce sales by 36% - revenue for the first quarter amounted to 1.736 billion euros.

Average price of sold phones practically did not change - 121 euro to 120 euro a year ago. However, the company calls these dismal results are expected, and blames the entire global economic crisis, caused a significant decrease in demand. The company intends to adhere to the program savings, which should be by mid-2010 Sony Ericsson save 400 million euros. That is why until the end of next year is expected to decrease staff - to 2 thousand.

The market share Sony Ericsson has dropped to 6%, while in the fourth quarter amounted to 8%.