Top 10 - Top phones in April

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Swedish company Krusell, which is engaged in the production of covers for the portable electronics, has published rating the most popular mobile phones of April. Traditionally, a dozen is based on sales of covers for mobile devices. Krusell said that data collected from 50 countries from all six continents. The more blankets for the device purchased, the more popular it is considered in the rating Krusell.

Top 10 best-selling mobile version Krusell (in parentheses indicate position in the past month):
  1. (2) Nokia 3109
  2. (1) Samsung SGH-i900/i910 Omnia
  3. (8) Nokia 5800
  4. (5) Nokia E71
  5. (4) HTC Touch HD
  6. (7) Nokia 3120
  7. (3) Nokia 6300
  8. (6) Nokia E51
  9. (-) Sony Ericsson C702
  10. (-) Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia

Commenting on the latest top ten, chapter Krusell Ulf Sandberg (Ulf Sandberg) noted that 6 out of 10 devices - devices that Nokia. This is a strong brand in many markets. At the same time, quite unexpectedly to see in the first position is a simple model of Nokia 3109. This is a phone, not a smartphone or a communicator, even though it is usually such devices, users prefer to protect cover. Although, according to Sandberg, most recently on the list have increasingly appeared budgetary decisions. Interesting that the last two positions in the April dozen models took Krusell Sony Ericsson, which in the March ratings were not provided.