Universal BLIs Laptop Huntkey 90W

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Company Huntkey Enterprise Group announced a universal laptop power adapter notebook Huntkey 90W Universal Notebook Adapter. Thanks to a complete set of eight new types of connectors 90-W Huntkey model combines the functionality of eight different adapters, which covers food and travel needs charging laptops most modern brands of laptops. But that's not all! With its USB port to power the +5 V Power, owner Huntkey 90W adapter is able to take a trip in a single device for powering and charging of most types of modern portable electronics - MP3 / 4, and mobile DVD players, smartphones, browsers, phones, digital cameras, etc. . e., capable of receiving nutrition through a port USB.

New 90-Watt adapter has a conventional models Huntkey advantage in the form of universal support for the power network of food anywhere in the world (90-264VAC, 47-63 Hz) to ensure stable output voltage and high efficiency over 80%. In addition, the new model Huntkey 90W Adapter engineers realized the possibility of dual power - not only on AC power, but also from sources of direct current. Due to DC converter circuit in a constant, with the help of Huntkey 90W, you can get to work and the current road charging electronics not only on the stationary power of power, but even from the car cigarette lighter socket.

Huntkey 90W adapter has a low-pulsation and noise, is equipped with circuits to protect the output voltage overload, overvoltage, overheating and short circuits. Adapters are 100% quality control and provide a level of time between failures of over 100 thousand hours.