Update Gmail and Google Calendar for iPhone and Android

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The developers said in a Google blog that made improvements in the mobile versions of Gmail and Calendar service to iPhone and Android. Gmail also has been updated user interface, which is easier to send messages directly to the fly. In addition, a pop-up panel to facilitate activities such as archiving or deleting a few messages, now they can be, literally, in one click. Get started with the service, for example, a letter or browse recent messages, you can have in an offline mode. The developers note that the new Gmail works only on iPhone and iPod touch with firmware 2.2.1 and higher. Regarding Android-smartphone, it has no restrictions. New mobile Gmail is still in English only.

The new version of Google Calendar for iPhone and Android, you can also edit the events calendar and to access recently viewed items, even without connecting to the network. As the new Gmail, Calendar only works in the iPhone OS 2.2.1, and any device based on Android. Application submitted in English only, but soon the developers plan to expand the list of supported languages. Get mobile access to Gmail and Calendar, you can from your browser smartphone or communicator.