Zoom 2 of TI has become refrens design platform for Symbian Foundation

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organization Symbian Foundation announced that it has chosen the platform 2 Zoom (Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP) from Texas Instruments as the first refrens design for the new operating system Symbian. The developers will test the operating system Symbian ^ 3 on the device, reporting the results. In the blog Symbian Foundation will publish the codes, scripts and tools for creating software for Symbian ^ 3. They will be able to use third-party developers of applications for the operating system Symbian Foundation.

Platform Zoom 2 from Texas Instruments exhibited at MWC this year. This model is fairly standard design: wide and short. It is equipped capacitive touch screen horizontal orientation with a resolution WVGA, integrated QWERTY-keyboard, supports 3G cellular network and is based on the processor OMAP3430. Also among the features of Zoom 2 - wireless module Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, FM-transmitter and HDMI-output.