The concept MID from Peter Cubika - winner of Intel

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Designer Peter Kubik (Petr Kubik) developed a rather interesting concept of mobile Internet devices. According to the creator, he became the best in the competition concepts MID, conducted by Intel. At first glance, the presentation of the model resembles an ordinary mobile phone with touch screen in the front panel (Sony Ericsson Idou, iPhone, BlackBerry Storm and others). However, its design is much more complex and unusual.

Inside at the MID from Peter Cubika also touch-sensitive display, or rather, three: on both sides of the shell folding and sliding panels. Together they can form one big display. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as virtual keyboard, or to view video on the widescreen display. The device can be placed on the table like a photo with a special focus.

It should be noted that the concept, created by Peter cubes, a stylish and unusual, but the whole question of whether or when it formed the basis of this device.