Jabra HALO: Bluetooth stereogarnitura soon in sales

Friday, May 22, 2009

Company GN Netcom has announced the imminent release in Russia music stereo Jabra HALO. This is the first model in the Jabra with the possibility of a connection using a profile as Bluetooth, or through a standard jack mini-jack 3,5 mm.

Jabra HALO will enable to listen to music and not worry about missing phone calls. When an incoming call to a mobile phone playback will automatically pause and at the end of the conversation - resumes. At Jabra HALO system is implemented "smart" noise Noise Blackout, which was introduced in mass production in autumn of last year. It uses a dual microphone, which recognizes the user's voice and filter it from background noise. As the manufacturer, the quality of sound in the Noise Blackout comparable to talk "face to face", which enables users to talk on the Jabra HALO even in noisy public places.

Talk time, or listening to music from a battery is 8 hours and standby times - 13 days, with the weight Jabra HALO - 80 grams. 14. Dimensions of folded reach 45h132h78 mm, and the expansion of - 45h136h165-190 mm Headset Jabra HALO will be available on sale in mid-June to the recommended price of 4500 rubles.


HandsFreeAdvantage said...

You should note that if you're planning to use this with an iPhone the controls won't all work. Volume is fine but controlling tracks forward and backward doesn't work with the iPhone. If you have an HTC phone or something similar you should be OK on all fronts.

I use mine with an iphone and to be honest I don't mind the issue as I usually use playlists anyway.