Motorola has launched a self-LTE-Network

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Motorola announced the launch of its advanced solutions - self-LTE-network SON (self-organizing network) - created to help operators reduce operating costs from the first day of the deployment of their own networks of LTE. Decision SON company Motorola is compatible with standard 3GPP Release 8 and is the fruit of years of research in the area of autonomy Motorola networks and extensive experience in the field of planning, deployment, optimization and management of commercial networks. The new solution includes a number of advanced features, enhanced architecture and leading the algorithms that go beyond the standard specifications.

Reported that the decision SON company Motorola is a functional part of the proposal in the company's LTE network, which includes the recently launched Motorola WBR base stations 500 eNodeB. Improved decision self SON network is an integral part of LTE network infrastructure and reduces operational costs by automating steps in the planning, deployment, optimization and network management, which previously provided by the «hand». Thus, the decision SON reduces the need for operational and managerial resources that are typically required to manage the additional networks. In addition to reducing the cost of planning and deploying networks LTE, improved algorithms and functions of self-LTE network Motorola will help operators to dynamically optimize its network to ensure the best performance, and simplify management.