Samsung introduced two new ergonomic Camcorder

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Available soon will be two new Camcorder SMX-C14 and SMX-C10. As the manufacturer, model SMX-C14 Camcorder and SMX-C10 are the perfect solution for those users who need a compact device, which is always handy and always ready to work.

Camcorder equipped with a 10x optical zoom and image stabilization system, Hyper Image Stabilization. Both models have a swivel LCD-screen with a diagonal of 2.7 "and resolution of 230 thousand pixels. Like the HD-Camcorder HMX-R10, SMX-C14, and SMX-C10 have a lens Active Angle Lens, which is rejected from the longitudinal axis of the shell at 25 degrees. This original solution reduces the load on the wrist at the time of shooting, allowing you to comfortably keep it even for a long time. Moreover, this concept allows you to remove the display of the visual field, giving the opportunity to observe directly the subject.

Kamkoder Samsung SMX-C14 is equipped with a 16 GB embedded flash memory and slot for memory cards SD / SDHC. By using the H.264 codec on the internal memory you can record more than six hours of video using Super Fine. Model SMX-C10 has no internal memory and uses the card for recording SD / SDHC. Both are equipped with kamkodera capacious battery, providing over 2 hours and 40 minutes of continuous shooting.

In addition, kamkodery are the main functions of video editing, for example, to combine several files into one video and broken into several files. Also, models equipped with special functions such as time-lapse, animated preview and convenient system for charging. Time-lapse function allows a device to shoot one frame every 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds. This feature is especially handy for shooting long events, such as during cloud in the sky. A animated preview simplify searching video: each recorded video is displayed on the screen kamkodera in the form of icons with a preview, but when scrolling the list of recorded clips thumbs «alive» and shows a short clip of shooting. The system allows you to charge the battery charging devices, both from the mains or from a computer on the USB-cable. Kamkodery Samsung SMX-C14, and SMX-C10 will be on retail sale in June 2009.