Transcend JetFlash V15

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The company, together with Transcend Trend Micro introduced JetFlash V15 Antivirus - USB flash drive preloaded with an antivirus program Trend Micro USB Security. Trend Micro researchers have created in the past year, an interesting tool for Trend Micro USB Security, which checks sent to the flash drive files, and protects the drive from the many viruses that villagers in the auto sector. Because of intuitive interface and single-activated process, the Trend Micro USB Security begins to protect data JetFlash V15 from the time when it connected to your computer. If threats are discovered, the user receives a warning, and all the infected files - placed in quarantine.

JetFlash V15 When connected to a computer that has Internet access, the Trend Micro USB Security automatically downloads and installs directly to a flash-drive the latest security updates. The integrated software package of Trend Micro USB Security, USB flash drive JetFlash V15 AntiVirus checks for each file transfer, and may be freely used on any computer without the risk of «hook» virus.

USB Flash Drive Transcend JetFlash company does not use the cap to protect the port - but instead used a special mechanism vydviganiya port. This flash drive is more convenient to transport and reduces the risk of damage to the device. USB flash drive JetFlash V15 Antivirus comes with a preloaded program Trend Micro USB Security with 90 days free use. Flash Drive provides a lifetime warranty.