Announced multimedia player ARCHOS 3

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The French company Archos produces a line of three portable mediapleerov.Vozglavit its Archos model 3, which has a 3-inch touch screen, occupying the entire front panel, and 8 GB of internal memory. According to the manufacturer, the player was able to realize the intuitive interface "virtual scrolling", allowing any menu item to get to any other. Furthermore, the Archos model 3 is able to cope with the work of multitasking: you can listen to music and view a gallery of images. Also, the device has the functions of FM-radio, clock, calendar, and the opportunity to record voice and music. Time of continuous operation mode audio playback - up to 14 hours.

Archos Portable multimediapleer 3 will go on sale in Europe on 15 September and its price will be € 100.