Collection Notebooks Sony VAIO Signature of unusual design

Monday, June 29, 2009

Company Sony will soon introduce a series notebooks VAIO CS, SR, P, Z and TT in the new collection of VAIO Signature. These laptops will not be the same impressive design, a number of high-quality options, and thus the higher cost. They can be purchased only online store Sony Style. For example, the collection will include a notebook VAIO Signature P699E / Q in glossy black case, equipped with Intel Atom Z540 processor with a clock speed of 1.86 GHz and the SSD-drive level of 256 GB. The cost of a laptop is $ 2000, will be released just 1000 copies.

Also in the Sony VAIO Signature will model VAIO CS390 in purple color with a lid under the crocodile skin, bright blue (Electric Blue) VAIO TT VAIO Z790DND Kaleidoscope, and with the ornament on the lid in the form of images, kaleidoscope. In the VAIO Z notebook series can be optionally set the solid volume of 512 GB of storage, although it would cost the owner in the amount of $ 1360.