Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Designer Ilshat Gapirov (Ilshat Gapirov), based on the latest technologies, has created a concept phone «Kambala». Application of multi-layer polymer and a flexible display created a model, indeed reminiscent of the marine fish.

By задумке author, thin and lightweight phone thanks to its small size can be used as a headset. If the pressure in a certain place, the node with the dynamics depart from the main part of the body, and it can be secure in the ear.

As a real fluke, the phone knows how good camouflage. Polymeric materials have the potential chameleon body: if wearing a headset, they become the owner of color. This effect is achieved by transferring images from one side of your phone to another.

Concept «Kambala» - another look at how mobile phones might look like in the future. Nothing about a serial production of speech is not, yet this can be seen except in some fantasy movie.