LG 3G Watch Phone: countdown to start selling the phone-clock started

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Company LG Electronics announced the launch of sales of its touch-hours phone Watch Phone (LG GD910), scheduled for mid-July. The first country where it will be sold to LG Watch Phone, will be France.

As the company is LG, a compact touch screen was not the only task with which she coped with the establishment of LG Watch Phone. Miniaturization of components is also required innovative solutions. As a result, get the phone number, hours, which not only has a small size, but also includes the functions available to advanced mobile devices: support 3G HSDPA networks, videophone, MP3 player, car kit, water, and Bluetooth. Function Bluetooth LG Watch Phone is distinguished from other miniature devices developed earlier.

Support for same hours Bluetooth wireless technology makes calls on the LG Watch Phone is very easy. Open-phone from LG also equipped with features voice recognition and Text to Speech, which lets you use voice commands and audio messages. What is very convenient when driving, when the driver's eyes focused on the road.

After the LG Watch Phone debuted in France, it would be introduced in other markets. Details will be published as appearance.