The new series of notebook EasyNote NJ, EasyNote TJ and EasyNote LJ from Packard Bell

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Packard Bell introduced a new line of notebook EasyNote NJ, EasyNote TJ and EasyNote LJ with different screen sizes and functionality. 14-inch display notebook series EasyNote NJ is a choice for portable use, 15.6-inch display - the universal and suitable for most of the standard tasks, and 17.3-inch for the most demanding users.

The choice of colors is also defined by the preferences of certain categories of users. All series of notebooks are available in two color schemes. The first option - a characteristic honeycomb design of the lid color of moon rock to the mirror plate with the logo and the black matte inner surface, also with a logo on the touch panel. The same body is offered with matt-white inner surface.

14-inch 16:9 wide screen, combined with low weight EasyNote NJ (less than 2.4 kilograms) provides portability. During the "Multimedia" with the support of full HD video via HDMI connector and an additional drive Blu-ray, as well as the video card GeForce G105 M with 512 MB dedicated video (for selected models). Availability, prices and exact specifications vary from country to country. The software can also vary, depending on country and configuration. Notebook EasyNote NJ will go on sale in July for an estimated retail price of 25990 rubles.

The new notebook series EasyNote TJ from Packard Bell with a 15.6-inch display with LED backlighting is a solution for users interested in a universal solution for both work and entertainment. All Notebooks Easynote TJ provide output images at a full HD, but some models are equipped with video card NVIDIA GeForce G105M or ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570, all of which has 512 MB of dedicated memory. Price and specifications are also dependent on the country. EasyNote TJ will be available in Russian stores in July for an estimated retail price of 29990 rubles.

The most efficient among the new rulers EasyNote NJ, EasyNote TJ and EasyNote LJ, notebooks series EasyNote LJ from Packard Bell are fans of cinema and satellites equipped with 17.3-inch wide LCD display with 16:9 format. Additional drive Blu-ray, the standard output and HDMI NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M with 1 GB dedicated video. For maximum flexibility, data storage, notebook EasyNote LJ Series also supports the use of two hard disks of up to 1 terabyte (2 x 500 MB). In Russia notebook EasyNote LJ will go on sale in July for an estimated retail price of 32990 rubles.