Pantech has announced a three-dimensional interface TruEmotion and phone IM-R470S

Thursday, June 25, 2009

South Korean company Pantech introduced a mobile three-dimensional interface of its own design - TruEmotion. She noted that the touch interface is simple to manage, intuitively understandable, and dynamic. He realized in the form of three-dimensional cube with a variety of effects and transitions. Various menus are available on the sides of the cube, it can be rotated. Obviously, Pantech has decided not to lag behind other Korean companies: LG uses in its products with touch screens S-Class, Samsung - Cubic. However, it is not clear whether the device support TruEmotion Pantech, intended for sale outside of Korea.

The first model will be based on TruEmotion Pantech IM-R470S. This mobile phone will be on sale in South Korea in July. IM-R470S is equipped with a 3.2-inch touch screen with VGA resolution, and fully managed by him: a hardware keyboard design provides. Obviously, more details about it will appear at the time of release.