Pentax introduced a secure chamber with a 5-fold optical zoom and the ability to record HD-video

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The company officially announced the Pentax compact camera Pentax Optio W80, a part of a series of protected cameras Pentax. The model implemented in the shock-resistant waterproof housing and has a 12 MP matrix. The body can take the camera underwater to a depth of 5 meters for two hours. In addition, it can drop from a height of one meter, without any consequences. Also, the unit Pentax Optio W80 is resistant to low temperatures and can withstand up to minus ten degrees Celsius.

Camera Pentax Optio W80 is equipped with a 2.5-inch LCD-screen with anti-surface and the function of Digital Wide, helping to make panoramic photos, and D-Range setting allows to choose the correct exposure mode to avoid the appearance of overtime or underexpose pictures.

The model has a firm lens with a 5-fold optical zoom. In doing so, the digital zoom can reach more than 30 times, and makrorezhim allows for pictures at a distance of up to one centimeter from the object. The device has a system of image stabilization Pixel Track SR.

Camera Pentax Optio W80 allows you to shoot HD-video with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. When shooting video system stabilization Movie SR, automatically compensate for shaking and trembling hands. There is also a mode of underwater photography, optimized for particular colors aquatic environment.
Home sales camera Pentax Optio W80 is scheduled for early next month, and its price in the United States will be $ 300.