Browser Fennec Alpha 2 for Windows Mobile

Monday, June 29, 2009

The company introduced a new version of Mozilla mobile browser, Firefox Mobile operating system Windows Mobile. So far this is the alpha-test version code-named Fennec. This release - a version of Alpha 2, the first alpha was released in May. By the way, also there is a beta version browser Fennec platform Maemo. Fennec Alpha 2 for Windows Mobile is already available for free download from the site developer. Mozilla notes that this assembly while it is better not to use as the main browser, but only for testing, feedback on the application asked to leave the company at a special page.

Innovations in the Fennec Alpha 2:
  • Improve pan
  • The updated design and a more elaborated interface
  • There JavaScript console errors
  • Improved support for additions
  • Fixed
  • Increased stability of the browser
  • Improved integration with operating system Windows Mobile