256 GB flash drive Kingston DataTraveler 300

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It has been a month since the announcement 128 GB Kingston, and more on the way «bulky» model. Flash drive Kingston DataTraveler 300 holds the contents of 54 or 10 DVD Blu-ray discs since its volume is 256 GB. Claimed data transfer rate is 20 MB / s reading and 10 MB / s when writing.

For is quite large, its dimensions are 70.68x22.37x16.45 mm, but, mindful of the volume contains information that «gigantomaniyu» can be forgiven. The model has a standard set of features and capabilities, and the manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty. Perhaps the only drawback Kingston DataTraveler 300 should recognize its extremely high cost. If the 128 GB version of the series DataTraveler 200 is 546 dollars, the new record will cost as much as 900.