Automobile Navigator Sony NV-U3DV with multimedia functions

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Company Sony Announces Automobile Navigator NV-U3DV. This model with a large touch screen that supports gesture-commands: the different finger movements on the screen.

Also, a navigator can receive television, play music and video, this is especially handy on the big screen and, moreover, allows the driver to miss the road. A function Position + G will provide accurate navigation in tunnels and underground crossings, due to the barometric sensors and gyroscopes. Sony NV-U3DV supports two-and three-dimensional maps. At the moment, aware that the sale of the new browser will begin in Japan on 11 August. Its cost would be equivalent to approximately $ 700.

Specifications Sony NV-U3DV:
  • Display: 6.1 inch, touch-sensitive, permission WQVGA
  • Memory: built in 4 GB Memory Stick Duo slot
  • Supports USB interface
  • Support formats: MP3/AAC - audio, MPEG-4/AVC + H.264 - video, JPEG - image
  • Time autonomous work: 2 hours in normal mode, 3 hours - the energy saving
  • Dimensions: 182h106, 9h25, 3 mm
  • Weight: 400 grams


christmas stocking fillers said...

According to me This PND packs a 480x272 resolution on that big new screen for bigger buttons and more map space"

LOL. Meanwhile, Nextar sells their 7" SNAP7 GPS device for $280 at Amazon.