Bluetooth-headset ORB

Friday, July 24, 2009

Companies Hybra Advance Technology Inc. and AbsolutelyNew Inc. presented an unusual version of Bluetooth-headset. The model, called the ORB, can be embodied not only in the ear, but also on hand. To do this, it is, it turns into a ring, which can be put on the finger.

Typeface to be produced in several variants. The base model will get aluminum casing and the ability to work at a distance of up to 10 meters from your phone. Version deluxe edition will have an additional FOLED-display (flexible organic light-emitting diodes) that can display the number of the caller and the calendar. In addition, this version will feature voice-to-text, allowing to communicate, without removing the headset with a finger. In the future, and the limited series set the ORB, developed by designers and decorated with precious stones.

In selling the basic version of the device will come in January next year at a cost of $ 129. It will be sold in the markets of USA, Europe and Asia. Option deluxe edition will be available starting in April 2010 at a cost of $ 175. On the timing of production and prices of design models is not reported.