Camera module for mobile devices with the angle of 90 °

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost all go to market new mobile phones equipped with cameras. Moreover, the vast majority of cases, except for authorization of data cells of other information about them is available. Meanwhile, as claimed by the experts of the company Alps Electric, the majority of cameras in mobile phones is the angle of view of not more than 60 °. This feature does not often covered in photographs of all objects, whether a building or group of people.

That is why engineers and set up, they claimed, the world's first camera module for mobile devices with the angle of 90 °. Its dimensions are compact enough - 5h5h2, 74 mm, however, confuses the poor settlement - VGA. Aperture lens is f / 2,8. So it is hardly new propishetsya in conventional mobile phones, rather, its application would be justified in a specialized technique.