Canon iVIS HF21 and HF S11

Friday, July 17, 2009

The company introduced two Canon digital cameras Canon iVIS HF21 and HF S11 can record high-definition video. Both models are built on high-performance image processor DIGIC DV III and has a built flash memory 64 GB, which, according to developers, will be enough to store nearly 6 hours of recording with a resolution 1920h1080 pixels. But apart from internal memory camera equipped with a slot size SDHC, allowing to add up to 32 GB.

Both models are equipped with optical image stabilization system, 2.7-inch turning display, stereo microphone, and HDMI and USB, and LED backlight. This camera iVIS HF S11 has 1/2.6-dyuymovoy CMOS-matrix with a 10 fold increase and the opportunity to save the still image up to 8 MP, and its weight is about 500 g.
Model iVIS HF21 is equipped with 1/4-dyuymovoy CMOS-matrix with a 15-fold digital zoom and the ability to save the still image size 2100h1575 points. Weight of this camera is about 400 g. In addition to it there is a special case for underwater shooting.

In Japan, camera Canon iVIS HF21 and HF S11 will go on sale in August, but their cost and timing of the emergence of other markets were not reported.