Chinese phone SB6309 Lighter Phone gives the owner to light

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In the Chinese online store Seabright has an unusual mobile phone SB6309 Lighter Phone. Although China produced and sold a lot of original gadgets, SB6309 is still worthy of mention. This - the phone-cigarette, the rear part of his body, bottom, under the protective cover is hot parts. Since it is possible to light, although to do it better faster and are not particularly frequent, as the cigarette quickly puts the battery. SB6309 is proposed in three colors: red, black and brown. In terms of form factor - a classic single, somewhat reminiscent of budgetary Products Nokia.

With regard to the characteristics of SB6309 Lighter Phone, then one of them - 2.4-inch QVGA-display, FM-radio, an audio / video player, 1.3 MP camera and support for interfaces Bluetooth. Phone works in networks GSM 900/1800/850/1900 and supports the immediate two SIM-cards. The cost of the phone with an unusual cigarette lighter on the site, unfortunately, is not specified.