CrunchPad operedit Apple Media Pad

Friday, July 31, 2009

Companies Apple, apparently, is not destined to be the first that made flatbed netbuk with only sensor controls. Singapore Company Fusion Garage promises to start deliveries of its netbuka CrunchPad in November. The device immediately interesting for two reasons. It is fully developed, including the operating system, small companies, which had support only from the American tehnobloga Techcrunch. Besides planshetnik has no internal memory available to the user. It is anticipated that it will run only web-based applications, and all information will be stored on remote servers.

We know that netbuk CrunchPad has 12-inch touch screen and built based on Intel Atom processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. The model has 1 GB of RAM, integrated modules, Wi-Fi and 3G, but also has a USB-port and a port for broadband mobile communications (port for mobile broadband), which probably means a USB-port is adapted for the USB-modem. The size of the device comprise 324.4 x 198.9 x 18.8 mm with weight of about 1.2 kg.

Price netbuka CrunchPad is $ 399, but there is no information about what markets it is sold.