A-DATA has released a series of high-speed memory card SDHC Turbo Class 10

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Company A-DATA formally introduced a new series of memory cards Turbo SDHC Class 10. As is clear from the title, this series supports the new high-speed specification approved by SD Association - Class 10. This card can record large volumes of data continuously and without any loss to full occupancy. This will increase productivity in the recording device, such as photo and video cameras. For example, a photographer can make a great series of shots in succession, which was previously difficult because of limitations in the speed record on a memory card.

In DSLR SLR cameras, this problem is solved, but at the expense of significant appreciation. The speed of data transmission in a series of Turbo SDHC Class 10 increased to 22 Mb / s if the device supports the specification of SD 3.0. Users will be able to shoot good quality videos with HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, which was not feasible with the previous generation of SDHC. Card A-DATA Turbo SDHC Class 10 is available with a 16 GB. In a series of memory card manufacturer provide Turbo «life» warranty.