First phone with the full support of HD Video

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Company «Eldorado» announced that its retail network from 1 July starts selling communicator Samsung i8910 HD, which is a continuation of the popular line of Communicators company Samsung.

The cost of the phone Samsung i8910 HD Network «Eldorado» will be 31 999 rubles.

Recall that the machine is equipped with the world's largest touch AMOLED-display diagonal of 3.7 inches. Ratio display, the palette of 16 million colors and 8 MP camera allows users to record and play back using a high-definition video (HD). This device will become the first mobile phone with full support for HD-technology mobile video. In addition, the apparatus is built accelerometer, tuned to the image on the screen under his position. During playback with the two powerful stereo speakers.