Google Voice is now available for smart phones based on Android, and Blackberry

Friday, July 17, 2009

Google has released a software application Google Voice for smartphones running operating systems, Android, and Blackberry.

With the help of these gadgets now you can talk and send SMS settings, using the registered number of Google Voice.

Annex Google Voice fully integrated with all contact phone numbers, so the service through Google Voice could make voice calls, using your address book.

With Google Voice applications can be made phone calls, including international, mobile and regular phones at very low rates. In addition, you can send SMS messages from your Google Voice-rooms, as well as receive SMS settings for this number. The function of Google Voice also provides reception of voice files and text decoding voice communications.

To download a software application Google Voice, owners of smart phones based on Android, and Blackberry need to visit the / voice or the Android Market. IPhone owners will have to wait a bit - working on software applications for Google Voice «apple» PDA in full swing.