Hama Photo Album with 4 GB of memory

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Company Hama (Germany) introduced a stylish 7-inch Digital Photo Album Digital Photo Album. Attractive photo placed in a leather sheath, made in the form of conventional books. Resolution LCD-screen is 800h480 dpi.

On the external side of the gadget Three large buttons to help navigate to photos.

In addition to 4 GB of internal memory, the gadget is also equipped with a card slot for SD / SDHC and MMC. Also, pictures of portable photo album can be discarded directly fleshek through the port of USB OTG.

German quality and ease of use of the device seen in such inconspicuous, but important details, for example, multilingual interface and mode of energy conservation.

Display photos loved ones may be in different modes, with the possibility to adjust the interval of changing images. Opening hours from one battery is 2.5 hours, the device uses a Lithium-polymer battery.

The size of photo is 196 x 113 x 18 mm and weight - about 410 in very nice handheld device will look not only in the folded book form, but also as a desktop photo at work or at home.

Price and time of launch sales of Digital Photo Album will be announced later. And because the characteristics of the model to ensure only a demonstration of photographs, without additional possibilities - you can count on low cost devices. There is no doubt that the friends and staff will appreciate the simple but attractive and convenient from all directions devays.