High Speed Full HD camcorder JVC GZ-HM400

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today the Japanese company JVC introduced its new Full HD model of digital camcorder Everio GZ-HM400, which as a media can be built 32 GB memory and external SD / SDHC memory card. A distinctive feature of the new items, with the words producer, is the 1 / 2, 33, a matrix with a full 10.29 MP resolution provides an opportunity to film with "fair" progressive scan with a horizontal resolution of 1080 lines.

Also, without any interpolation, GZ-HM400 permit pictures with a resolution of 9 IP, as well as to simultaneously filming and do again, "honest" pictures with a resolution of 5.3 MP.

Videography in this model is in AVCHD format with a maximum possible speed of the video stream at 24 Mbit / sec. In addition, the possible high-speed photography and videography (600 frames / sec. 640h72 to permit up to 120 frames / sec. In the settlement of 480 × 270) for a few seconds.

In addition, the possibility of manual control, there is a Konica Minolta HD lens with optical image stabilization and 10-fold increase in the optical, proprietary image processing technology "K2 technology", as well as the possibility of direct recording on the external HD and Blu-Ray drives.