LCD TV BBK LT4222HDL with LED-illumination - already on sale

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BBK Electronics Company reported that sales in Russia entered a new LCD TV LT4222HDL diagonal 42-inch with LED backlight. As the manufacturer, the use of a new type of light allowed to make a realistic picture on the screen and contrast (40000:1). The new formulation BBK LEDs are located on a direct LED, that is, across the plane of the screen, not just at the edges. In this way achieved a deep black - in the devices the function of local obscuration (Local Dimming). This means that the matrix of the TV is constantly highlighted, but in dark scenes relevant areas shall be extinguished. Thus, the picture is even more contrasting. In addition, the LED backlight significantly brighter displays, and other colors and shades of the spectrum. For obtaining the best image with the multiple systems, noise reduction, including a special digital filter 3D Comb Filter. NTSC color coverage of more than 80%. Permission 1920h1080 pixels makes this TV ideal means for display HD-video. The use of LED lights helped to implement another feature - the thickness of the panel is 5 cm

Processor SRS TruSurround XT provides a deep and pure sound. This technology allows us to handle the rear channel and the surround channels separately from the front. As a result, the audio from the speakers of conventional home television is perceived as an extensive multi-channel audio 5.1.

Model LT4222HDL capable remote (with remote control) to regulate the angle of rotation of your screen. Two USB 2.0 ports provide an opportunity to work with a compatible external memory devices. By attaching via USB-connector on the player, camera, USB-key ring, or an external hard drive, you can play files directly from these devices.