Leica calling prices and the date of commencement of sales series S-System

Thursday, July 30, 2009

On establishment of 37.5-MP camera with a matrix of 30 x 45 mm Leica company knew last fall, when the exhibition Photokina in September last year in Germany were shown a series of lenses S-System. Now become aware of the timing and price of this unit in England.

As expected, the product was not only expensive, but very expensive. Camera S-System is offered in two versions: Leica S2 Black nearly 16 000 pounds sterling and the Leica S2-P Black for slightly more than 19 000 pounds. The last option is a monitor with a sapphire glass and Support Service S-Body Platinum, on the opportunities which the company will announce at a later date. In doing so, said the price - the cost of only one camera without the lens. Proposed eight lenses to choose from. The easiest would cost more than 3 000 pounds, while the most expensive «potyanet» to five. However, all prices include 15% of UK tax.


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