NIKKOR 70-200 F / 2,8 G ED VRII - professional telephoto

Thursday, July 30, 2009

For announcements of new DSLR-camera Nikon D300s timed and the presentation of a new professional telephoto NIKKOR 70-200 MM F / 2,8 G ED VR II with a completely new optical design which guarantees the leading in-class level of image quality and advanced features of the suppression of vibration.

Lens AF-S NIKKOR 70-200 MM F / 2,8 G ED VR II technology is the suppression of vibration (VRII) the last generation, providing an opportunity to make pictures with extracts of four steps longer than it would be possible without it. There are two modes: «standard» for everyday shooting and «Active» to reduce vibration when shooting from a motorcycle or aircraft. Both modes provide a stable image in the viewfinder, which allows easy and clear focus and crop the image.

Exclusive anti-nanocrystalline coating from Nikon, and at least seven elements of ED glass minimizes internal reflections and aberrations, providing saturation and high contrast images even under the most difficult lighting conditions. The new lens are three modes Focus: A / M, M / A & M. The new switch A / M includes priority autofocus, even during shooting uses the focusing ring.

The new optical design reduced the size of the lens compared with the current version without losing credibility, which in his work relied professional photographers. Rugged magnesium alloy shell securely sealed to protect against dust and moisture, giving the opportunity to shoot in any conditions.

Specifications NIKKOR 70-200 MM F / 2,8 G ED VRII:

  • Focal Length: 70-200 mm
  • Max. aperture f / 2,8 G
  • Optical scheme: 7 elements of ED glass
  • Angle of view: 40 ° (26 ° 30 'with a camera format Nikon DX)
  • The smallest focal length 1.4 m (in the entire zoom range)
  • The number of petals of the iris 9 (rounded)
  • Mounting dimensions for the filter: 77 mm
  • Diameter x Length: Approximately 87 x 209 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 1540 g

Buy NIKKOR 70-200 MM F / 2,8 G ED VRII will be in November for € 2430.