Phone Motorola Aura Celestial Edition for 40-th anniversary of the lunar expedition

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The company introduced the Motorola mobile phone, Motorola Aura Celestial Edition with a lunar theme. It is Motorola radio transmitter on board the U.S. Space Shuttle Apollo 11 sent the first voice message, and video from the Moon to Earth 40 years ago, 20 July 1969. A special "moon" edition phone Motorola Aura includes thematic content provided by NASA. These images and video footage on the Moon, as well as sound recordings, including the famous words of astronaut Neil Armstrong on the first steps on the lunar surface - "one small step for man and the giant leap for mankind."

Remember, the key feature of the phone Motorola Aura is an original design: it is rotator with a round display. The device is a first-class: its display is covered with sapphire glass and the opening mechanism is designed in the Swiss watch company. With regard to the characteristics of the device, they are quite simple, such as cellular 2G, 2 MP camera, Bluetooth interface and USB. Motorola Aura Celestial Edition will be sold from July until the end of the year. The cost of new items have not yet been announced, but probably it will be more expensive than the original model Aura, which is already worth around $ 2000.