Radiophone teXet TX-D8100A

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The new DECT-phone from the company «Electronic Alkotel» already is available for sale. teXet TX-D8100A - inexpensive model with an interesting design, which combines the case with dull visually shagrenevoy soft surface and a black lacquered box on the tube, frames the keyboard and display. The phone also uses an interesting solution backlight keyboard: buttons divided geometrically correct semi-lattice, through which at the time of the phone emitted a bright blue backlight, which combines beautifully with the same blue backlit display. NEW appears in the sale in July. Recommended retail price - 1799 rubles.

Features teXet TX-D8100A:
  • The thin design (thickness of the tube 14 mm)
  • 3-line display, 2 lines by 12 character matrix, plus a string of characters
  • Blue backlight display and buttons
  • Menu in Russian and English
  • Spikerfon, Speed Dial 9 rooms feature ECO MODE
  • Phonebook for 100 names and numbers
  • Repeat the last 10 dialed numbers
  • AON and Caller ID (FSK / DTMF) with the memory of 50 numbers
  • Display date and time settings, timer, alarm clock, Mute, lock buttons, programmable pause, search tube
  • 10 ringtones calling signal tubes, of which 8 polyphonic
  • 5 levels of volume and turn off the alarm calling
  • 5 levels of volume in the tube
  • Displays output in an area of communication base unit
  • Battery level indication
  • Operating range of up to 50 meters within buildings and up to 300 m in open terrain
  • Ability to connect up to 5 tubes (internal connection between the tube, switching an incoming call to another handset, the simultaneous connection of one external and two internal callers)