Sony plans to submit VAIO computers with touch screens and the PSN network for PC

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sony Corporation is planning to submit a VAIO computer devices with touch screens are already short-fall, immediately following the release of the new operating system Windows 7, scheduled for October 22. This was stated in his interview with the senior vice-president of Sony Eber, Mike (Mike Abary). The point is that of Windows 7 was originally designed to work with touch screen, and the Japanese corporation will seek to integrate some of these technologies into their products.

Mike Eber is not clarified whether the sensor functionality of new VAIO computers include support multitach technologies. He also refused to comment about what computer systems will be VAIO touch screens. It is likely that tachskrinami will be equipped with a desktop-class all-in-one or notebook VAIO.

In addition, according to Mike Eber, Sony is planning in the near future to expand the functionality of an interactive environment PlayStation Network and make it possible to interact with its VAIO computers and other similar devices. Recall now that a free network designed to work with the PlayStation game console, and allows their owners to play network games, chat with friends, and even engage in web-surfing.

In conclusion, Eben talked about topics Platform NVIDIA Ion, around which recently went a lot of conversations. He noted that NVIDIA is a partner of Sony in the development of hardware solutions and finds that although netbuki as a whole marked a movement back to the computer industry, the emergence of a platform for NVIDIA Ion Ultra-low-cost notebook segment is undeniable progress.