Toshiba introduced its first 3.5-inch external hard drive

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Japanese company Toshiba, formerly known as a manufacturer of small-size external hard drive designed for use with notebook computers, has released its first external hard drive size 3.5 inches. New implemented in an attractive black casing with rounded corners and chrome strip on the side facets, and looks like a small nettop.

The new 3.5-inch external hard drive Toshiba has not only a standard USB-interface, but the connector eSATA, which allows to use it with computers that support this high-speed connection. The first model of the external HDD working at a speed of 5400 revolutions per minute and can interact with software platforms, Windows and Mac OS X. In addition, Toshiba has equipped its software for data backup, but would it work with both operating systems, the manufacturer does not mention.

The new 3.5-inch external hard drive Toshiba is now available in two versions with a capacity of 640 GB and 1 TB and is worth 130 and 160 dollars respectively.