Two new GPS-navigator Lexand

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Domestic manufacturer of satellite GPS-navigators Lexand introduced two new models Lexand ST-560 and Lexand ST-565 Series Slim. The two new items have a flat screen, not sunk into the body. This technology displays have been widely disseminated among the manufacturers of phones and communicators. The use of such displays in conjunction with a programming interface simplifies management of the device without the aid of a pen (stylus), only fingering.

Menu navigation functions tailored for maximum comfort control with your fingers. In particular, the icons in the menu - a large size, a change of menu screens performed a simple finger movements on the display from left to right or right to left. Such a scheme switch between the menu screens also quite prevalent in the software environment of many communicators (eg, Apple iPhone, HTC, shell Spb Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile).

Lexand ST-560 and Lexand ST-565 Series Slim are already established in the market of mobile phone trend: more and more importance in the choice of becoming the gadget design and its size. Design of new navigators Lexand like Communicator iPhone. Using identical materials and similar external execution. In addition, like the latest mobile market, special emphasis was made on the thickness Lexand devices - only 12.5 mm (at the iPhone - 12 mm), which makes the new items among the most delicate car navigators on the market.

Lexand ST-560 is equipped with a display diagonal of 4.3 inches and the screen resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. Diagonal screen Lexand ST-565 a few more - 5 inches, with a similar resolution. Lexand ST-565 was the first navigator 5 inch line Lexand. Lexand ST-560 and Lexand ST-565 Series Slim have a full set of multimedia functions - Audio-MP3 player, video player, Flash player, view photos, a set of games, etc. The two devices equipped with FM-transmitter, capable of displaying the sound (voice prompts , music) with a browser on the momentum built into the car audio system.a

For devices installed navigation package «Navitel Navigator» with a complete set of all available maps of Russia, with the possibility of a quarterly update of free maps. The retail price of devices is: LexandST-560 Series Slim - 8990 rubles, Lexand ST-565 Series Slim - 11990 rubles. New avtonavigatory available for purchase in the showrooms of major retail chains: IES, White Wind Digital, El Dorado, MediaMarkt, StartMaster.