Palm Eos (Pixie) will not released this year

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Communicator Palm Eos (Pixie) light up in the May roadmape operator AT & T and became the second device built by Palm OS-based WebOS. Unlike all the other devices mentioned in this roadmape, Communicator Eos had no indications of a possible date for receipt of the sale, which is why on this topic has been much speculation. It is now evident that in the summer, he will not, therefore, became known as a later date - most analysts agree that it would be November. Resource All Things Digital, referring to an expert from Morgan Joseph Analyst Grozovski Ilya (Ilya Grozovsky), reports that of the communicator in this year do not have to wait.

According to Grozovskogo, the sale of another communicator Palm Pre also declining and will decline, if not lower price. In this regard, Palm Eos could help the company compete with the cheaper models of Apple iPhone, but five is subject to the price reduction.

Palm Eos (also known as Pixie, who is also Castle) - monoblock with QWERTY-keyboard and a touch display, running the operating system webOS. Apparatus enclosed in a thin shell thickness of less than 11 mm and weighs 100 g. It is possible that soon after the start of sales in the United States and Palm Eos will come to Europe, especially since he had already supported the mobile communication GSM and UMTS.