Sony has expanded its line of digital SLR cameras - A850, A550, A500

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sony yesterday added three new models of SLR digital cameras to its not yet very rich company professional tsifrozerkalok. The A850 full-frame model with a matrix of 24.6 megapixels, the sensor and stabilizer of two processors for image processing viewfinder image is reduced to 98 per cent compared to 100% in high model A900 (probably to reduce the price of the camera).

The rest of the parameters are similar profikamer: 3 ex-inch LCD-screen with live view, continuous shutter speeds three frames per second at a very high resolution, slots for memory cards, Compact Flash and Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Even a couple of additional «improvements» over the camera allowed to save on costs $ 700 and fix the price of the body at around 2000 dollars. Shipping camera will start in September. In the company of «drummette» Sony offers a lens with SAL2875 convenient for all cases of focal range 28-75 mm and aperture of 2.8. The price of the lens is expected to near $ 800, but they appear on the shelves by November.

Two other cameras A500 and A550 is written on the family to occupy a niche between the three-hundredth amateur SLR series and the A700. Both relays are equipped with LCD-screen and thanks to a combination of new sensors and processors can squeeze out of a maximum ISO of 12800 units, which will allow data cameras successfully compete in the market from competitors such as Canon EOS 500D. In addition, in the cells was improved focusing system when focusing through the screen, which suffered from sluggishness in the previous models. Also present in the cells determine the function of the frame.

Cameras differ:

  • resolution matrix: A500 - 12.3 megapixel, A550 - 14.2 MP
  • resolution display: A500 - 230000 pixels, A550 - 921,000 pixels
  • speed burst shooting: A500 - 5 and A550 - 7 frames per second

Both cameras will be available in October at a price «carcasses» A500-$ 750 and A550-$ 950.