640-GB hard disk Samsung for high-performance mobile computers

Monday, September 21, 2009

Samsung Electronics Company presented the internal hard drive capacity of 640Gb Spinpoint M7. This model has the highest density data from the entire line of M7. The density of the new 640 GB drive is 516 gigabits per square inch for each of the two 320GB platters, a 28% increase over the previous record for the density of 500 GB drive Samsung. Model Spinpoint M7 is designed for mobile computers class hi-end, requiring resistant to vibration and shock hard drive with high performance.

The increase in density to 516 gigabits per square inch allowed to increase capacity without adding the HDD disk platters. Due to high density without adding additional mechanical parts, a hard drive has a lower power consumption and more reliable than the disks with a large number of plates.

Anti-shock characteristics of the new Spinpoint M7: load 400G applications 2ms lit and 900G for 1ms off. Optimized integrated controller reduces power consumption as in the working and non-operating modes.

The new Spinpoint M7 apply their own technology Samsung SilentSeek and NoiseGuard, which reduce the noise level during operation. Series Spinpoint M7 represented by models with a capacity of 160 -, 250 -, 320 -, 500 - and 640 GB. All models have a speed of 5400 rpm, 3,0 Gbps Interface SATA, feature Native Command Queuing, and 8 MB of cache. The first deliveries of the new disc will begin in October.