Audio-Technica ATH-CKS70 & CKS50

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Plug headphones company Audio-Technica CKS50 and CKS70 soon appear on the Russia market. This false headphones with extended bass range of support and two-cushioned ear pads. The models have an unusual design, built on the auditory canal and pinna. Along with an adjustable ear pads position it enables better strengthened headphones, provides a good seal ear canal and excellent soundproofing. A structure with a membrane made by a large diameter provides a realistic deep bass from the zone of infrasound. With this headphones Audio-Technica CKS50 and CKS70 guarantee high wearing comfort and the perfect sound.

Series headphones CKS work on ultrawide frequency range (5-24000 Hz), which gives the maximum sound realistic. From the model CKS50 headphones CKS70 are more sensitive and, consequently, a higher volume. The set includes 4 pairs of silicone ear cushions of different size and cover for storing and transporting devices.

Both new models are a stylish compact "insert" with strong bass and powerful sound. Exit on Russia's market is planned in November this year.


Unknown said...

Nice headphones! Where can I get one now?

Unknown said...

Now on sale in here!

Great in-ear headphones with the same design as the Sony but cheaper! The phones fit so well and very comfortable. The sound is well balance!