Canyon combined headset and webcam

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Canyon introduced a new category of devices - set for Internet communications. Combined solutions, consisting of a full-featured web cameras and high-grade stereo, will turn your computer into a complete tool for communication and negotiation with all the benefits of VoIP-telephony. Two new sets, CNR-CP7G and CNR-CP8 have a bold design, good technical performance and affordable cost, thus have every chance to become best sellers in this market segment.

Buying a webcam and headset separately, users will spend more money than selecting a single set of Canyon. On average, the savings reach 10-12% of the total cost of individual devices. Sets are equipped with current models of headsets capable of providing high-quality sound, so necessary for meaningful communication. The set of CNR-CP7G included headset CNR-HS8, a set of CNR-CP8 - Model CNR-HS11. Both headsets have a closed acoustic design and equipped with fixed microphones. Both headsets have a headband to adjust the position of the loudspeakers. Thanks to ear pads headset CNR-HS8 made of fabric, while the CNR-HS11 can boast inserts made of genuine leather.