Games for Sony PSP you can rent?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sony has released a new firmware for its portable game console PSP - Firmware 6.00, it is already available for download via Network Update from the XMB. Among the innovations that will become available after you install new software - the organization of games in groups and accommodation in folders with the date when the term of their "lease" expires. Also, additional colors for the interface XMB, choice of ways to update the system software, as well as a higher level of security when working with the Internet browser.

The greatest interest is the mention of the possibility not only to acquire the game for the PSP, but also download them for temporary use, obviously, for less. One can assume that the service will soon PlayStation Store will support rolling games on temporary licenses, whereas now this feature is only available for video. Most likely, PSP Firmware 6.00 update should prepare such a device to function online store.