LG GD510 - just a multimedia phone with a large touchscreen

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

South Korean company LG Electronics announced a new model for multimedia mobile phones equipped with large-format 3-inch touchscreen display VGA resolution - LG GD510.

The basic idea, which was laid by the manufacturer in that model with his own words, lies in the simplicity of GD510, the presence of a multimedia functions (including the ability to reproduce different audio and video formats) and the touch screen as well as the lack of a huge pile of unnecessary for most users (according to research company), features that only increase the cost of the product.

Housing LG GD510 has smooth features, and is, according to LG, among the most compact phones equipped with 3-inch screen. In addition, there was a place here as 3 megapixel camera, 8 GB of internal memory and only one button on the front panel, performing the role of the main menu, hanging up the call and cancel the action. Depending on the current regime, a thin strip around the button lights up different colors.

Another feature of GD510 is the fact that it will be issued a replacement back panel, equipped with solar panels, from which will be possible to charge the internal battery.

Home sales LG GD510 identifies the manufacturer of mid-October, starting with the countries of Europe, and more - the rest of the world where the prices will vary depending on sales region.