Monitor Acer S243HL - slimmest 24-inch monitor on the market

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Corporation introduced a new Acer Monitor Acer S243HL. According to the company, this is the first in the market of LCD monitor with contrast 8000000:1, moreover according to Acer this is the slimmest 24-inch widescreen display on the market. The thin profile of the monitor (less than 15 mm) is complemented by original, alongside, L-shaped base with a matte metallic finish. The speaker is built into the rack monitor.

Monitors S243HL use the technology of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights, and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury or halogen gases. In comparison with traditional monitors, backlit CFFL, S243HL can reduce power consumption up to 63%. LED backlight allows you to play a wider color range with a higher level of saturation.

24-inch screen has a resolution of Full HD 1920x1080 and 16:9. Two built-in HDMI ports provide advanced digital connectivity, high resolution and video quality. Monitors S243HL created using new technologies to ensure optimal viewing experience:

* Acer eColor Management - a technology with which the LCD panel adapts to different environments, lighting conditions and viewing options. Decision Acer eColor Management optimizes the image on the screen through a series of scenarios, user-selectable: standard mode (normal settings for medium-quality images), text mode (for viewing on your documents, spreadsheets, etc.), graphics mode (for color still images) and user modes (fine tuning the basic parameters and personal preferences).
* Adaptive Contrast Control (ACM) provides a dynamic regulation of the contrast level to obtain a clear image. Each scene is analyzed for still picture settings and improve the quality of color, providing the highest level of white and black. Adaptive Contrast Control also allows you to save electricity.
* Acer eDisplay Management - is an application that allows you to fine-tune all functions normally managed by using the buttons on the front panel. Acer eDisplay Management allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, focus (with the selection of the parent permission), color balance and temperature. The application provides the ability to save and fast search of personal settings in accordance with the different ways of application and lighting conditions.


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