MTS begain selling slider Sony Ericsson T715

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ITT and Sony Ericsson announced the launch of exclusive sales at retail MTS new apparatus Sony Ericsson T715, a stylish slider phone with broad functionality and support network 3G.

When buying a Sony Ericsson T715 in the retail network of MTS and are connecting to the tariff plan "long talk" subscribers receive a free easy to use and configure bluetooth-headset PV720.

Sony Ericsson T715 ideal for people leading business life, and will also be a good choice for those looking for a practical phone with modern functionality. Sony Ericsson T715 showing a refined design that customers expect from the brand, and bring a sense of sophistication in the life of its owner.

Device Sony Ericsson T715 is equipped with a function of intellectual desktop settings, which includes direct meeting reminders, notes and a special animation to remind you of birthdays and important events. Enhancing the quality and convenience of sending messages through the possibility to revise the history of the conversation in the course of correspondence.

In designing the apparatus Sony Ericsson T715 implemented the concept of Communication Entertainment, for integrating traditional mobile communications services with social networking. With preinstalled applications Facebook and Twitter, users have the opportunity first to learn the latest news, tracking update frend feeds directly on your desktop phone. The peculiarity of the implementation of Twitter application on the phone T715 is the ability to identify other users who are at a given distance from a person and read their news and announcements, and thus obtain information on developments in their city or region.