OEM-copies of Windows 7 are two times cheaper than retail versions

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well-known online store published prices for OEM-copies of all versions of the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7. As expected, they are much cheaper than their boxed (retail) versions, and even the cost of upgrades from Windows Vista. For example, the cost of OEM-versions of Windows 7 Professional is only $ 140 versus $ 300, which will pay for the full boxed copy, and $ 200, which would require to perform the upgrade of the system.

With the rest of OEM-versions of Windows 7 is the case the same way. In general, the OEM-prices on a new software platform range from $ 110 per copy of Windows 7 Home Premium to $ 550 per set of three copies of Windows 7 Ultimate. Recall, however, that OEM-copies of the operating system is not intended for retail sale to end users and not accompanied by technical support. They may only be used by companies producing laptops and desktops pre-installed on the manufactured products.